Benefits of Music Instruction

Students of the Donna Riesen Piano Studio will get more out of their lessons than just learning how to play music. They will gain confidence through developing a new skill; learn the value of persistence in mastering a challenge. They will improve poise, concentration, discipline, and self-expression. Most of all, they will develop a love of music and an enjoyment of the piano. All the things that contribute to a happy, successful, and more meaningful life because of the ability to communicate through music.
Playing a Musical Instrument Can:
Help your child develop a commitment to excellence
Help your child develop self-esteem
Help your child achieve poise
Provide an opportunity for your child to experience self-expression, creativity, and heightened achievement
Engage the imagination and develop curiosity
Contribute to a balanced, positive, challenging, and stimulating education
Prepare your child for other stages of development & participation in society by fostering dedication & sensitivity
Increase your child’s brain development, math abilities, and higher thinking skills
Help your child develop perseverance when things are looking bleak and hopeless
Raise your child’s awareness
Expand your child’s knowledge
Help your child develop mind and body coordination
Contribute to your child’s spiritual growth
Help your child learn to work independently as well as develop teamwork skills
Be a source of great fun!

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  1. "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot remain silent."   Victor Hugo  1802-1885