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  1. Nothing great is ever achieved without passion, and my passion is music. I started playing piano with Ms. Riesen at the young age of five. Fifteen years later, I am still her student, her apprentice, and life-long friend. She encouraged me to teach a couple students of my own my Senior year of high school, which in itself was an experience of a lifetime. With the passion and joy of music she bestowed in me through the melodies of Bach and dissonances of Chopin, I started two more instruments, the viola and guitar. Even though I am not a music major, I believe music has tremendously helped me through my academic studies and self responsibilities. As a current student of the University of Southern California, I know the meaning of hard work! Yet, I believe that I am more prepared than others for certain expectations in many of my classes due to my upbringing with music. Specifically, my ability to memorize is very strong from having to memorize hundreds of music pieces, a technique that comes handy in courses such as biology and organic chemistry!
    One of the greatest experiences as having Ms. Riesen as my piano instructor was that with all the pressures of school, family, friends, she made piano enjoyable and something that I, myself (versus my parents) wanted to be successful in. Of course there were pressures with competitions and judging events, yet such outings just made my status as a player stronger and my character more mature. Thank you Ms. Riesen for such wonderful years of youth. Without piano, my life would not be complete.
    Lily S., alumnus

  1. Wonderful teacher! Donna is a very encouraging and supportive teacher. She keeps my son challenged and stimulated, which is not an easy task. He has improved tremendously with her under her instruction. I am very pleased with her methods and the progress he has made.
    Darcy A., mother of student

  1. A number of years ago I read that a high school student could enhance their college application by listing their achievements in the Certificate of Merit program sponsored by Music Teachers Association of California. Donna Riesen is very involved in this program, and encourages her students to enter it. I urged my granddaughter to get involved, and it worked! She achieved the advanced level in four years, and got accepted at Cornell University with a financial aid package meeting almost all of the $53,000 per year costs! I know her piano studies with Donna helped so much!!
    Sue S., grandmother of alumnus

  1. Thank you so much for your help! Your teaching expertise, your love for piano playing and working with kids, really, made this possible. We're thinking, we found the right piano teacher for our children and are very happy. Thank You, Donna!
    Gabe M., father of students

  1. "If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. I get most of my joy in life out of music."

  2. A. Einstein

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